Dealing with Adult Tooth Decay? Dr. Dean Hutto in Baytown, TX Can Help

Cavities aren’t just a problem for children. Adult tooth decay is a problem, too. Cavities can strike at any age. Regular dental check-ups and good oral care are essential. Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we take a proactive approach to tooth decay with regular dental cleanings and checkups as well as with leveraging dental sealants, which can be especially helpful in preventing tooth decay in all ages. Dr. Dean Hutto and the team at Baytown’s Aesthetic Family Dentistry can help prevent, detect, and treat tooth decay.

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If you’ve got old fillings and they’ve fallen out, this could be due to additional tooth decay or shifting of old amalgam fillings. If you get occasional toothaches, you could have tooth decay as well. We leverage tooth colored fillings and state-of-the-art treatment options for moderate to advanced tooth decay in adults and children alike.

Tooth decay can lead to a number of problems like bad breath, tooth loss, tooth aches, and bacteria in the mouth leads to gum disease, which has a plethora of associated problems and systemic links.

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A Baytown dentist since 1992, Dr. Dean Hutto and his team of hygienists and dental assistants are a family dentistry practice that cares. The team offers a wide variety of proactive treatment options as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures in a relaxing environment. We leverage cutting edge dental technology for cavity detection, such as DIAGNOdent, which can detect cavities earlier than traditional cavity detection methods and we also use digital x-rays that minimize exposure to radiation. At our Baytown dental office, we invest in education and technology that makes every trip to see us as minimally invasive and as beneficial to the patient as possible. We treat every patient as an individual. Book a checkup, cleaning, or consultation with us by calling our office at (281) 422-8248.

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