Get a Complete Smile with Dentures and Partials

While having a beautiful, complete smile is important for self-confidence having a full set of teeth is also important for other reasons as well. Missing teeth can cause difficulties in properly chewing your food to experiencing difficulties in speaking. Larger sections of missing teeth can also cause the outside of the face and cheeks to change shape, often giving an appearance of premature aging.

The term denture refers to a full row of either the top or bottom teeth. Partials are multiple teeth from either the upper or lower jaw that are missing between healthy teeth. The partial fits into place allowing you to keep existing healthy teeth and fill in missing spaces.

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Implant-Supported Dentures and Partials at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Baytown, TX

For many people the difficulties with dentures and partials is that they are often not secure, even with a good fit, and they can cause irritation to the gums as they move. An option that Dr. Dean Hutto can provide is the implant-supported denture or partial. This is the same process used in dental implants and uses two or more small titanium posts to work as anchors. The partial or full denture then fits on the posts, holding it securely in place.

If you wish to use traditional types of dentures and partials then they are designed to the kept in place using clips or an adhesive product. Dr. Hutto can provide recommendations for the best adhesives to use.

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