Fixed Bridges Offer a Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

When people are missing teeth in a row, which can be a result of an accident or injury or because of early tooth loss due to gum disease, chewing, speaking and feeling confident in the way you look can all become a challenge.

If you are one of these people then Dr. Dean Hutto and the staff at Aesthetic Family Dentistry can help you to restore a healthy, normal, bite and a full, dazzling smile. Fixed bridges can be custom-created to fit into the areas of missing teeth to give you back your full smile and ability to enjoy life.

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What Are Fixed Bridges?

Fixed bridges consist of three different parts. The two on either end are crowns, which will fit over existing, healthy teeth to anchor the bridge in place in the mouth. Between the two crowns, which attach to the abutment teeth, there will be false teeth or a false tooth, which is known as a pontic.

For some people the abutment teeth, the teeth that the crowns will cover and anchor on are not strong enough to support the fixed bridge. In this situation Dr. Hutto can offer the option to implant titanium posts that the crowns then fit over to create a solid, strong foundation for the bridge.

Typically if there are a significant number of teeth missing in a row Dr. Dean Hutto will recommend the use of a partial denture. This can include a permanent option, an implant-supported partial, or a removable partial.

Natural-Looking Fixed Bridges

Using our cutting-edge technology and techniques we are able to use digital color-matching to match the color of the fixed bridge to your existing teeth. While the bridge will not discolor like natural teeth over time, periodic tooth whitening at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Baytown, TX can help to eliminate that concern and keep your smile bright, white and dazzling.

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