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Migraines may occur for a variety of different reasons that were largely unidentified until a few years ago. Research now shows that increased levels of stress and tension are most commonly related to the debilitating and painful condition known as a migraine. When those prone to migraines are under stress and tension they tend to grind and clench the teeth unconsciously and usually when they are asleep.

This chronic grinding and clenching of the teeth is known as bruxism. The more that it occurs the more the teeth are damaged and nerves stimulated that cause migraines. It is also a leading contributor to a condition known as TMJ Dysfunction. This is caused with a specific nerve, the trigeminal nerve, is stimulated during the clenching and grinding action.

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Aesthetic Family Dentistry Offers Treatment with the NTI-tss Device

One of the most revolutionary discoveries is the use of a small, custom made, FDA- approved device that fits over the front teeth while you sleep. This lightweight device stops bruxism and prevents the muscles and nerves to start the grinding and clenching action that triggers migraines. It is known as the NTI-tss which is the short form of the full name, Nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system, and was developed by Dr. Jim Boyd, a chronic migraine sufferer himself.

The partial coverage of the NTI-tss device is much more effective than a traditional full nightguard type of device. These devices may actually increase the grinding and clenching as they do not change the contact of the teeth with the surface. The partial coverage of the NTI-tss device prevents contact without any discomfort or difficulty with your normal sleep.

The muscles of your jaw and neck relax in a natural position, leading to less pain and discomfort if not complete elimination of the problem. In addition the nerves are no longer stimulated due to the grinding action and the pain triggers are not activated.

Wearing the NTI-tss Device

Wearing the NTI-tss device is very easy, it just snaps on to your front teeth to stay securely in place as you sleep. You can sleep in any position and it is so comfortable you won’t even realize you have it in place.

Dr. Hutto will fit the NTI-tss to your unique bite for optimum support. Give us a call at 281.422.8248 to schedule your consultation. We can also complete all applicable insurance forms as this device is approved under many insurance policies.

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