According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, about 10 million Americans have osteoporosis, with 34 million more with low bone mass called osteopenia. Causes of osteoporosis are typically linked to low calcium in your diet, low estrogen in women, low testosterone in men, smoking, certain medications and even alcohol. But, you’d be surprised to know oral health also has a connection with osteoporosis (bone thinning). “The bone in the jaw supports and anchors our teeth, so when the jawbone becomes less dense, you can have loose teeth or even tooth loss,” says Dr. Hutto from Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Baytown, Texas.

Osteoporosis in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family Dentistry

Regular dentist office visits, more chances to diagnose periodontal diseases

Because people tend to see their dentist at least twice a year, year after year, there are great chances that your dentist would be the first to identify low bone density. Loose teeth, detaching gums loose dentures may be early signs of osteoporosis. “It’s important you visit a dentist in your area that has experience in detecting periodontal diseases, not just general dentistry like teeth cleaning,” says Dr.Hutto of Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Baytown, TX. Dental x-ray exams can help screen for osteoporosis, and show gums detaching from teeth or receding gums.

Your teeth and gums can be tell-tale signs for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, unfortunately, is a periodontal disease that’s often diagnosed after there’s a start of loss of bone density. If you experience any of the oral health indicators below, you should make a dentist appointment and discuss these symptoms. Ask for dental x-ray exams and a thorough check-up. If your dentist diagnoses you with low bone density, follow-up with your general doctor to see what steps you should take to maintain your overall bone health. You can ask for a bone density test for further diagnosis.

Oral health indicators for osteoporosis:

  • Loose teeth
  • Gums that are detached from the teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Poor- fitting dentures
  • Difficulty eating or speaking

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