One of the most important aspects of the services provided at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Baytown, TX is preventative dentistry. Dr. Dean Hutto and the dental hygienists on staff are trained in the latest technologies to help you keep a healthy set of teeth that will last a lifetime.

There are several different methods that we recommend at Aesthetic Family Dentistry to accomplish this goal. We work carefully with our patients to ensure that they have good oral hygiene routines, regular professional checkups and careful attention to earliest possible signs of potential problems.

Preventive Dentistry in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family Dentistry

Preventative Services Offered By Dr. Hutto and Aesthetic Family Dentistry

Our preventative services start with a recommendation for semi-annual dental checkups. This gives us a chance to identify any emerging issues such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, decay, or damage to the teeth in the form of hairline cracks or tiny cavities.

In addition we offer:

Deep cleaning in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family Dentistry

Deep cleaning – this includes scaling and root planing using a variety of different state-of-the-art tools and devices. We offer an ultrasonic tool that breaks up tartar below the gumline, Piezo Ultrasonic Scalers, which are instrumental in deep cleaning care.

Gum Care in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family DentistryGum Care/Soft Tissue Management Program – for those with gum disease specialized programs, including more frequent deep cleaning and checkups, are highly recommended. This allows us to address any problems very quickly before they result in tooth loss or serious dental and health concerns.

Sealant in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family DentistryDental Sealants – a thin, plastic film that is applied to the teeth to cover the chewing surfaces and prevent further decay. This protects your natural teeth for up to 10 years from surface decay.

Nightguards in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family DentistryNightguards – custom designed to stop bruxism, clenching and grinding or the teeth at night, as well as TMJ dysfunction that cause extreme pain and discomfort throughout the jaw and neck.

Tooth And Gums Tonic® in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family DentistryTooth And Gums Tonic® – an herbal antimicrobial product that helps to keep breath fresh and maintain a healthy mouth. There are a variety of products that include a tooth and gums paste as well as an oral rinse.

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