The mouth is a conduit to many systemic diseases including heart disease and stomach ulcers. One study found that people with periodontal disease have more than 200% more risk for a stroke. At the same time, stroke victims are three times more likely to develop a periodontal disease. 75% of adults over the age of 35 are affected by periodontal disease and it’s responsible for 70% of tooth loss in adults.

Ulcers in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family Dentistry

Dr. Hutto from Aesthetic Dentistry in Baytown, Texas explains the relationship between stomach ulcers (or peptic ulcers) and your oral health: “Dental plaque has bacteria called helicobacter pylori (or H. Pylori) that travels to the stomach through gums when there’s extra dental plaque on your teeth. Once bacteria is in your stomach, it creates holes in your stomach’s lining, producing ulcers.”


What are the serious complications of a stomach ulcer? Dr. Hutto from Baytown, TX explains:

The H. pylori bacteria can also be present on your tongue and other sites of oral cavity including your saliva. In addition, this bacteria can cause bad breath. Make sure to look for the warning signs of peptic ulcers, because serious complications include perforation in your stomach, blockage of the stomach-small intestine connection and bleeding. Perforation in the stomach can lead to leakage in the abdominal cavity, resulting in peritonis. Urgent surgery can be required.

If you’re feeling bloated for no reason, have serious bouts of heartburn, vomiting or have a gnawing feeling in your upper stomach between meals, you might have an ulcer. If those symptoms are continuous, make sure to visit your general doctor as well as your local dentist that can examine your mouth for gum disease.

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