Many people in Baytown, Texas assume that both men and women have identical needs when it comes to maintaining good oral health. While the basics are there, Dr. Dean Hutto and the staff at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Baytown, TX are well aware that women have some additional issues in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. These are issues that can be addressed through regular dental visits and good oral hygiene routines.

Pregnancy in Baytown, TX | Dr. Hutto, Aesthetic Family Dentistry

Women are physiologically different than men at all stages of their lives. Younger women, especially during puberty, have surges of hormones and overall high hormonal levels. This can result in increased gum sensitivity. When this is combined with a build-up of plaque on the teeth and trapped food particles, gum swelling and damage to the tissue can occur.

Gum Disease and Pregnancy

During pregnancy the mother’s dental health is paramount to ensuring the best possible environment for the developing baby. Approximately 18% of all low birth-weight babies or pre-term births as linked to periodontal disease of the mother. Dr. Hutto recommends a full dental checkup and cleaning in the first trimester and a follow up visit the next two trimesters, particularly if you have problems with your teeth. If you are planning to conceive, consider having a full oral exam before pregnancy to ensure your mouth is in optimum condition.

Menstruation and the hormonal changes at this time of the month can result in bad breath and increased sensitivity. Routine flossing and brushing as well as the use of a chlorine-stabilized, alcohol-free mouth wash is highly recommended to treat this problem.

Aging and Oral Care For Women

As women age they are more likely to develop periodontal disease. After the age of 35 periodontal disease has been shown to be a precursor to osteoporosis, a condition that causes bone loss. Osteoporosis can also be linked to early tooth loss with approximately 50% of post-menopausal women losing at least one tooth at eleven or more years after menopause.

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