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Root Canals – Baytown, TX

Experience Pain-Free Root Canal Therapy

Man holding jaw in pain You wake up one morning, and that little toothache you’ve been ignoring is now a searing pain you can feel radiating throughout your entire head. You can’t go through your day like this, so like many, you go to the internet searching for answers. You see that one of the best ways to relieve acute dental pain is to undergo a root canal, and immediately, your heart sinks.

The idea of a root canal seems to strike fear in even the toughest of men and women, but it doesn’t have to be so daunting. At the Baytown dental office of Dr. Dean Hutto and Dr. Steve Ragsdale, we offer pain-free root canal therapy as well as other general and cosmetic dentistry options, and we do it in a comfortable and caring environment that can put even those with dental anxiety at ease. In our experience, the only regret our root canal patients have is that they didn’t come in to see us sooner!

About Root Canals

X-ray with damaged tooth highlighted red

Because a tooth consists of more than one layer (protective enamel, dentin, and an inner pulp that holds the tooth’s nerve), more than a standard filling could be a necessity at times, where the pulp is removed and the tooth is then filled. When you need a root canal, it can cause significant pain and active infections. A root canal could save your tooth from extraction. We typically complete root canal therapy in one or two appointments. The procedure is typically painless, due to analgesics, and recovery is swift as well, often requiring no more than over-the-counter pain medication for a short amount of time, if at all.

Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

Smiling woman in dental chair

After your root canal, we strongly recommend the placement of a custom-made dental crown, which covers your tooth and provides stability. Many who neglect to get a crown eventually crack their treated tooth. A crown can further preserve that tooth and your efforts to save it. After your root canal, we will create a high-quality crown that matches your other teeth beautifully.